Case Studies

Our solutions improve productivity and reduce operational costs, while giving CEOs the freedom to focus on their strategic needs and goals.

B2B Technology Company

We drove strategic organizational changes and shifted focus to specializing in premium services to differentiate them from competitors.

Even though they decreased the number of clients, monthly recurring revenue increased by 30% and costs decreased by roughly the same amount.

B2B Technology Company

Leveraged business data to create a tool that allowed business to adjust their dispatching method to reduce operating costs by $2 million per quarter.

This cost savings was accompanied by 20% increase in productivity. Team members were completing more tickets per technician per day, putting them at the top of all divisions globally. Also guided the team from last place to second place in customer satisfaction.

B2B Technology Company

Streamlined and automated a reporting process for the client that resulted in a time savings of 8 weeks of work time per quarter for 2 full time employees.

Also made key financials reporting available to the business 6 weeks sooner each quarter, enabling the executive team to use these numbers for strategic planning purposes rather than only performance measurement.

B2B Services Company

Redesigned business processes to create a model that included residual revenue workstreams and was less dependent on the partners for revenue generation.

Created & deployed a custom Salesforce environment that supported this model and allowed the business to more effectively leverage staff.

B2B Services Company

Customized an existing application from another industry for a small service business to allow the business’s CRM to capture GPS and time stamps from employees who performed work at client homes.

Provided transparency and confirmation of work quality for both the management and the clients. Helped client take market share from local competitors and secure preferred vendor status with several elite neighborhoods and employers in area.

B2B Technology Company

Used expertise to help client strategically negotiate a discount of more than 70% on an equipment purchase for one of their customer projects allowing them to net almost 200% more profit on the engagement while still providing the client with a significant discount as well.

We get results!

we get results